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Real Estate Fun Facts

Brass Door Knobs

Brass door knobs disinfect themselves! Brass, copper, silver, iron, lead and aluminum are antibacterial. Brass is the most antibacterial and all of them kill bacteria. 

Red Doors in Scotland

When a homeowner in Scotland pays off their mortgage they paint their front door red. 

America’s Robin Hood

The Great Depression era gangster, Charles Floyd, was well liked by the public because when he robbed banks he would also destroy mortgage documents, freeing many people from their mortgage debt. 

This House is Haunted

In New York it required to disclose if you believe the house is haunted by ghosts

Women versus Men

63% of realtors are women! 

Bigger is Better

The average size house in a developing country is only 75 square feet. The average apartment bedroom in America measures 132 square feet and the average bedroom in a house is 219 square feet. Imagine having your entire house be 75 square feet!

Baird & Warner

Baird & Warner has been around since 1855 and is located in Chicago. The firm is consistently ranked among the nation’s top real estate firms. 

Houses in Japan

Unlike houses in America which tend to appreciate, houses in Japan tend to depreciate in value. Half of homes in Japan are demolished within 38 years of being built and there is almost no market for pre-owned homes. 

Bombs Away

In Orlando, Florida, there are thousands of homes built on top of an old World War II bombing range. Since 1998, residents have been discovering old bombs. 

Trinity Church

Trinity Church in New York owns 14 acres of Manhattan real estate which makes it the wealthiest individual parish in the world which a net income of $38 million per year. 

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